World Handicap System


What is the World Handicap System (WHS)?

Golf already has a single set of playing Rules, a single set of equipment Rules and a single set of Rules of Amateur Status governed by the USGA and The R&A. Yet, there used to be six different handicap systems used around the world with each of the different systems producing slightly differing results when calculating players’ handicaps. The WHS now unifies these six historic systems into a single system that will:

enable golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equal basis, in any format, on any course, anywhere around the world;
be easy to understand and implement, without sacrificing accuracy; and
meet the varied needs and expectations of golfers, golf clubs and golf authorities all around the world and be adaptable to suit all golfing cultures.
A number of videos have been released to explain the changes which are now all listed below:

Video H

Video G

Video F

Video 4

Video E

Video D

Video C

Video B

Video 3

Video A

Video 2

Video 1