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02/07/2021 – Ladies Evening League

Attached is a report of the Ladies Evening League matches.

Evening League reports June 2021

02/07/2021 – Team results

To read about our various teams and the matches played please see the attached.

Team Report

15/09/2019 – Team results

Please find below and update of team results as reported by John Fromings:

 Halifax and Huddersfield District Union of Golf Clubs

 1)     Scratch League.         Reported by Ben Kaye

 The Scratch Team ended up finishing 3rd in div 3, 2 points behind Saddleworth in second place just missing out on promotion. Needing 8-0 on the final week at home to Crow Nest they won 6-2.
Ben reports:
“A great effort by all who played for me this year please tell the committee I am chuffed with the season and many thanks to who played for me; Aaron Schnacke, Daniel Moville, Philip Fullwood, Adam Taylor, Jack Pearcey, Martin Shaw and myself.”

 2)     Handicap League          Reported by Mick Hanson

 Unfortunately not a good year for the team.

Since the last report on 26/06/19 they have played a further 3 matches:

 V Fixby (h) – draw 4-4

V Bradley Hall (h) win 5-3

V West End (a) lost 6-2

 As a consequence, unfortunately, they have been relegated to Division 3 for next season.

 3)     Rabbits League Section D     Reported by Tom McGarrell

 Played 8 matches, Won 8 games and lost 6 for 23 points gaining promotion to Section C next season.

 6) Lawrence Batley Seniors League              Reported by Roger Pearson

 Roger reports that they finished 4th in their division (D) and will be in Section B next year.

7) Ladies Competitions:

  Weekend League       Reported by Sue Malins

 Update:  Played 6 matches. Won 2 Lost 4

 V Fixby (a) lost 2-1

V Hallamshire (a) lost 3-0

V Fixby (h) won 3-0

V Hallamshire (h) lost 2-1

V Scarcroft (h) won 3-0

V Scarcroft (a) lost 2.5 – 0.5

 Evening League         Reported by Pam Flaherty

 Crow Nest (h) Won 2 -1

 Played 4 matches Won 2 Lost 2

 Update: Played 6 matches. Won 3 Lost 3

 V Todmorden (a) lost 2-1

V West End (h) won 3-0


24/08/2019 – HHDRGA Rabbits League

All the Rabbits League matches have now come to an end for 2019. The last 2 games were against Saddleworth home and away, gaining a full 10 points.
The standings are:
Dewsbury           29 points
Bradley Park       23 points
Saddleworth       17 points
Ryburn                 16  points
Low Laithes         15 points

This is promotion for the club to section C. We will be playing the following in 2020:

Bradley Park
Hebden Bridge
Longley Park

Thank you to all the Rabbits members who give up their time and support. Well done to:

Trevor James,  Alan Riley, Ben Page (RC), Cliff Froggett, Roy Parker, David Singleton, Phil Smith,  John Cousins, Alan Scott, Richard Rogers, Jez Wilkinson, Phil Longbottom, Chis Fawcett.

Tom McGarrell
Rabbit League Captain


09/07/2019 – Team results

Please see below for an update of results from most club matches as reported by John Fromings.

Report For General Committee Meeting 26

15/06/2019 – Ladies Weekend League

The first match of 2019 was the 21st April at Fixby on one of the hottest Easter Sundays in years. The team was Pam, Jean and Annette Bird. Unfortunately we lost 2 games to 1.

The second match on the 28th April was away at Hallamshire, a lovely course in Sheffield. The day started well with bacon rolls and coffee but all matches were lost by Linda, Lucie and Sue.

On the 18th May we played at home against Fixby and won all 3 games. Well done to Pam, Sarah and Annette Bird.

On Saturday 8th June we played a very wet game at home against Hallamshire. Unfortunately, Lucie, Linda and Sarah lost 2 games to one.

Sue Malins (Weekend League Captain)

15/06/2019 – Ladies Evening League

We played our first Evening League match of the season at Bradley Hall on 22nd May. It was a fine evening, if a little cool. Our team of three was, Lucie Hallas, Pam Flaherty, and Nancy Willingham. Lucie, played against a lady who played off 19, so had to give her 7 shots. Lucie won 2 and 1, a great result. Pam was out next and had to give a whopping 12 shots. The game was always close, and it was all square after 17 holes. Both drives on the eighteenth fell short of the green, and both ladies chipped up for a putt. The Bradley Hall lady was down for four and Pam sunk her putt for three, winning the hole and the game. Nancy, received 2 shots, but struggled with reading the course, and lost her game. It was a good evening , and a win 2 – 1. Well done ladies.

Pam Flaherty (Evening League Captain)

02/06/2019 – HHDRGA Rabbits League

Dewsbury GC   V  Bradley Park GC  at Dewsbury on Tuesday the 23rd AprilTrevor James, Alan Riley, Cliff Froggett and Jez Wilkinson.Lost  both matches  2/1 & 1 down, no points.

Bradley Park GC V Dewsbury GC  at Bradley Park on  Tuesday 30th April,Tom McGarrell, Trevor James, Roy Parker & Alan Scott.Won both matches 3/1 & 2 up,  + 1 bonus point =  5 points.

Bradley Park GC V Ryburn GC  at Bradley Park on Tuesday 14th May,

Rabbit Capt Ben Page, David Singleton, John Cousins & Richard Rogers.Lost both matches 2/1 & 2/1, no points.

Ryburn GC V Bradley Park GC at Ryburn  on Tuesday 28th May,
Trevor James, Cliff Froggett, Roy Parker & Phil Longbottom.

Won  1 match 5/4  Lost 1 match 4/3, 2 points plus 1 bonus point = 3 points.

The next match is on the 9th July.

Tom McGarrell
Rabbit League Captain

10/03/2019 – Winter League

Here are the results so far:

2018 Winter League-1

18/02/2019  Winter League

Here are the latest standings:

2018 Winter League

27/01/2019 – Winter League

Here are the latest standings:

2018 winter league

23/11/2018 – Winter League

Here are the Winter League positions and points so far:

2018 Winter League

28/12/2018 – Winter League results 

Here are the latest standings:

2018 Winter League

23/11/2018 – Friday Social

The results from last Friday are:

1st – JC Woods 25 points, 2nd – Danny Dobson 24 points on countback, 3rd – Roger Pearson 24 points countback.

Here is the Super Six table:

BPGC social golf fridays 18-19 ytd

30/10/2018 – Friday Social

The results from Friday 26th October are:

1st – Alan Scott 26 points, 2nd – Stephen Kelly 23 points, 3rd – Ben Kaye 22 points after countback.

Total entries: 20.

17/10/2018 – Friday Social

Results from 12th October:

1st Alan Riley 22 points, 2nd Martin Anderson 21 points, 3rd PaulmWalton 20 points.

Total entries: 19.

The table so far is below:

BPGC social golf fridays 18-19 ytd

14/10/2018 – Friday Social

Results of Fridays social (5th October) – 22 entries

1st – Phil Smith 25 points

2nd – Jeremy Wilkinson 23 points

3rd – Alan Brown – 22 points (count back)


09/09/2018 – Rabbits League 2018

Now that this year’s HHDRGA competitions have come to an end, Bradley Park GC finished with a respectable 3rd place in section C with 21 points. The top team finished with 25 points.
To all who had taken part in the competitions a big thank you for your time and effort you put in: Mr Rabbit Captain Cliff Froggett, Mr Vice Captain Ben Page, Alan Riley, David Singleton, Peter Higham, Richard Rogers, Roger Pearson, Phillip Smith, Jeremy Wilkinson, Trevor James, Robert Balcam, Philip Longbottom, Martin Anderson and
Alan Scott.
The Rabbits League 2019 we will be playing against the following clubs:
Low Lanes, Dewsbury, Saddleworth and Ryburn.
Rabbit League Captain (Tom McGarrell)

24/07/2018 – Mr Captain’s Day results


Congratulations to Graham Hunt and Sue Malins who were the overall Gents and Ladies winners.  Other winners on the day included:

Gents Division 3 – Pete Fuller, Gents Division 2 – Donald Harrison, Gents Division 1 – Ben Kaye, Junior winner – Connor Crossley. Well done!

21/07/2018 – Rabbits YRGA and HHDRGA competition results

Here are the latest results:

 YRGA and HHDRGA Summary (All Results)

10/07/2018 – Team results 

Here are the latest club team results:

Team Results

10/07/2018 – Championship weekend


Here are the Ladies results:

Well done to Lucie Hallas on the double, Ladies Champion and Jubilee Cup winner. A great weekend Lucie!

Runner up Championship :- Linda Bemrose

Runner Up Jubilee Cup :- Sheila Braithwaite
Spot prizes as follows:
BEST NETT SATURDAY:- Carlyn Wiltshire
BEST NT SUNDAY:- Annette Bird
BEST FRONT 9 (both days):- Sheila Harrison
BEST BACK 9 (both days):- Sue Malins
BEST PAR 3’s (both days):- Pam Flaherty
BEST PAR 5’s (both days):- Lisa Driver
Well done to everyone.

5/06/2018 – Rabbits YRGA and HHDRGA competition results

Please see the attached for all the results so far:

20180625 YRGA and HHDRGA Summary (All Results)

20180625 YRGA and HHDRGA Summary

19/06/2018 – HHDRGA League

We played the Rabbits return match at Saddleworth on the 30 May.

Bradley won the day beating Saddleworth    2&1  3&2 given Bradley 5 points.

This how we stand in Section D of the League as at the 11 June:

Halifax Ogden          P/4     W/4    L/3    D/0      Holes up 15       points 12

Bradley Park             P/4      W/4   L/3    D/1      Holes up 12       points  12

Elland                         P/2      W/2  L/1     D/1      Holes up   6       points    6

Ryburn                       P/2      W/2   L/1     D/1     Holes up   4       points    6

Saddleworth             P/4       W/4   L/3    D/1     Holes up  5       points    4

25/05/2018 – May Team results

Bradley Park Results – May 18

23/04/2018 – Steve Brook Trophy

Here are the results of the competitin. Well done to the winners.

steve brook result sheet 2018

26/03/2018 – Rabbits/Ladies Winter Greensome

The Rabbits and Ladies made the most of the lovely sunny weather for the
Rabbits/Ladies Greensome on the 25thMarch.
Ten pairs took part, including two juniors. Considering some competitors were
brushing the cobwebs off their clubs after a winter break, there was some great
scores. One in particular, helped by a fabulous hole in one on the 13th. Well

done Roger Pearson and thanks for the drink afterwards.

1st Place – Pam Flaherty & Roger Pearson 63
2nd Place – Sue Malins & Peter Ure 73
3rd Place – Annette Bird & Alan Riley 77

27/02/2018 – Winter League

Here is the latest update of the Winter League results:

 winter league

11/01/2018 – WinterLeague

Here is an update of the Winter League results:

winter league 2017

08/12/2017 – Friday Winter Social Golf

Results from last week:
1st – Cliff Froggett 21 points (count back), 2nd – Don Levitt 21 points, 3rd – Roger Pearson 20 points (count back).
Well done to Cliff.

Friday Winter Social Golf (December) 2017-2018

 05/12/2017 – Winter League update

Attached are the results and standings so far.

Winter league – December 2017

29/11/2017 – Friday Winter Social Golf

Attached are the current positions from the Friday morning rounds of golf.

Friday Winter Social Golf 2017 & 2018

17/09/2017 – Buck Rabbit and Sheba Trophy

To see the penultimate update, please click on the link below:

Buck and Sheba – September 2017

26/08/2017 – Team Results

BPGC Scratch Team have won promotion finishing second in the league – Well done to Captain Ben Kaye and all the Scratch Team Players.
The Handicap Team have maintained Division One status finishing the season in third position. Well Done to Captain Mick Hanson and all the Handicap Team players.
Unfortunately the Rabbits finished bottom of the league and will get relegated to Section D – Commiserations to all.
The Seniors finished top of their Section and qualified for the knockout competition for the first time ever. Unfortunately they lost against Huddersfield with a game that went to the final match and the final hole (18th) before the result was decided. Well done to Roger Pearson – Seniors Organiser – and all the players who participated throughout the season.
Juniors finished second from Bottom in a very tough league.

26/08/2017 – Buck Rabbit and Sheba Trophy

Attached is an update.

Buck and Sheba – August 2017

26/07/2017 – Team Results for July

Bradley Park team results -July 2017

16/07/2017 – Buck Rabbit Trophy update

Here is the first update of this year’s competitions:

Buck Rabbit Trophy 2017 July update

04/07/2017 – Team results for June

Bradley Park Team Results June 2017

04/07/2017 – Championship weekend

Congratulations to the men’s Championship winner, Ricky Hemingway with 150. The runner up was Danny Moville.

The winner of the J W Taylor Millennium Crystal was Graham Hollingdrake  with 137 – congratulations and the runner up was Andy Davison with 138.

The 8-15 Cup winner Graham Hollingdrake was 153 and the runner up was Barrie Martin.

The Rabbit Trophy winner was Harry Dews with 176 – congratulations.

The 22-28 Cup winner was Bob Balcam with 202 – congratulations.

In the Ladies Championship, Linda Bemrose was the winner and also completed the double by winning the nett Jubilee Cup. This is the second consecutive year she has won both. Congratulations!.

16  2’s pay £14 each.


30/05/2017 – Team results for May

Please see the attached for the May team results.

Bradley Park Team Results – May

In the HHDRGA Rabbits Foursomes  – Mellor Trophy – Peter Higham and Cliff Froggett progressed to the next round following a 19th hole win against Queensbury.
In the Rabbits Singles – R.T. Morley – Ben Page has progressed to the second round following victory in the first round.
In the Lawrence Batley Seniors Individual Matchplay Championship both Roger Pearson and Graham Hollingdrake have progressed through two rounds to reach the quarter finals in their respective sections of the competition.

14/05/2017 – Junior League match report

Our second Junior League match was at home v Crosland Heath. Crosland Heath brought a strong team of low handicap juniors. Our Junior Captain, Rhys Haywood played some brilliant golf to come back from 4 down to win the match against a 4 handicapper. James Sweeney, handicap 21, also fought back valiantly from 3 down to draw his match against an 11 handicapper. Well done to Michael Edwards and Damian Cockroft, even though they lost their matches, they gave their low handicap opponents something to think about.

5 points to Crosland Heath 3 to Bradley Park.

(Linda Bemrose)

04/05/2017 – Junior League results

The first league match of the season was away at Meltham on the 28th April. The final score was 6 points to Meltham and 2 to Bradley Park – congratulations to Damien Cockcroft who won his debut league match with a solid display of straight hitting and confident putting.

Well done to all that took part against some tricky opposition on a difficult course.

We also welcomed Michael Edwards to the junior league team as he played his first match as a congu handicapper.

James and Connor both fought back from 4 down and narrowed the gap to 2 but unfortunately, Meltham were a little stronger than us on the day.

Gabriella played a friendly match over 10 holes. This was a great experience for her and she played some great golf to beat her opponent. I’m sure she will soon be knocking on the door of the junior league team.

(Linda Bemrose)

04/05/2017 – Steve Brook Trophy

Congratulations to the winners of the Steve Brook trophy: Hugh Shannon, Cliff Froggett & Ben Page with a score of 81. They beat Martin Shaw, Ricky Hemingway and Mick Hanson on a back 9 count back.
The event was supported by 20 teams which was well above the usual for this competition.
Thanks to all participants.
(Michael Waddington)

23/04/2017 – Rabbits Team results

The Rabbits have been playing in the YRGA knock out – the Fowler trophy. Roger Pearson and Cliff Froggett went to Bawtry and lost at the 1st extra hole. Bob Balcam and Ben Page beat Lightcliffe at home.

We are at Crow Nest on Thursday in the HHDRGA League Cup

09/03/2017 – Winter Social Golf table

We are coming to the end of the competition for this year. The Trophy will presented based on results up to and including Friday 24th, but we will continue to hold Friday socials through until the beginning of the Seniors league in May, starting again in mid August.

Results for Winter Social  played Friday 03/03/17 below:

1st – Peter Higham – 22

2nd – Roger Pearson – 20

3rd – Alan Brown – 19 (count back)

14 entries

Winter Social Golf 2016-2017

28/02/2017 – Gents Winter League update

A score of 245 looks to be the benchmark for getting into the final and there are at least three pairs who could yet upset the apple cart. There are just two weeks to play those final rounds.


22/02/2017 – Gents Winter League update

Here is the latest update of accumulated scores received from Cliff Froggett.


09/02/2017 – Gents Winter League update

To see the latest results and accumulated scores so far, please click on the link below. Any queries, please see Cliff Froggett.