Mr Captains Day 2014

08/06/2014 – Captains Day report & photo’s

Months of preparation, weeks of detailed planning, hours upon hours of coercion and bribery proved well worth the effort for what turned out to be a brilliant and memorable Captain’s day.

Some 20 hours elapsed from getting out of bed in the morning to getting home the next day. It was 20 hours I would spend similarly every week if my body would let me!!
The day started with one of the most difficult “Krypton Factor” challenges ever, that of erecting the Gazebo, and ended with the even greater challenge of walking home after a shed load of Budweiser and foot stomping to ”The Proclaimers” with a false hip.
In between we had some very damp golfers doing the Club and Captain proud by enduring the weather and completing the competition in some very wet conditions. I am eternally grateful to everyone for their support.
There are some great photos to prove it wasn’t all doom and gloom on the course. Thanks to Club member Ian Hunter, our photographer for the day.
Our ladies at the hut, including my wife Rebecca, and behind the bar served elegantly all day despite my face being adorned on their front.
The outfit definitely worked a treat because they collected over £250 for the Kirkwood Hospice Charity. Well done to everyone who contributed.

The international theme for the day was spoiled a little by most folk having to wear waterproofs. Never the less some splendid efforts were noticed, with past captain Dave Pickett (England) and Chris Stocks (Holland) looking splendid in their colours. The victory, however, went to Sandra Shillito, just pipping all others due to the fact that, anyone who has their body pierced for the cause deserves to win.

The evening event was nothing short of brilliant.
The clubhouse was decorated superbly by Colin and his team. We had a full house of members and guests. The food was delicious. We had great competition and raffle prizes and, in Martin Gregory Lambert supported by DJ Jamie Scurrah, the evening’s entertainment went down fantastic with everybody and will always be remembered.
Any misfortune felt by having a wet golf competition was quickly forgotten due to the tremendous evening.

My congratulations go to not just all prize winners, but all who competed during the day, all who turned out for the evening and, especially, all those who stayed well after bedtime.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day and will always remember it proudly. Thanks to all concerned for making it happen.

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31/05/2014 – Mr Captains Day Draw

Please find below the link for this years Captains Day Draw.

Captain draw 2014

13/04/2014 – Captains day info

Mr Captain has given members an insight into his plans for Mr Captains Day on 7th June. In the below poster you will see he has decided to have an international theme by asking members to don their favourite World Cup colours. This fantastic idea is in-keeping with the theme idea for Captains Day started last year, whilst also keeping in spirit with the World Cup that takes place this summer. Please keep in mind though, no football shirts allowed on the course.

Captains Day Poster 2