March 2014

Clubhouse wide


25/03/2014 – Junior signing on night

This years junior signing on night saw a raft of changes to the structure and personnel within the section. With the Junior Organiser of 7 years stepping down from the role to concentrate on being the Club President it was the turn of the newcomers to present to both the returning juniors and also the new juniors at the club for the first time.

First to speak was Amsal in his role of junior organiser who welcomed everyone to the evening as well introducing Gavin Earnshaw and Georgia Wilson as the new junior co-ordinators. Together our three representatives will work with Bradley Heywood the new Junior Captain and Keith to ensure a strong year for the section.

Below are a selection of photo’s taken on the evening.

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photo 4 (4)

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photo 3 (6)

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24/03/2014 – Updated Poll

Give us your thoughts on the imminent change to KAL here:

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19/03/2014 – Fawlty Towers Update

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The signing up sheet has gone up in the club this week to further promote the visit of The Fawlty Towers Dinner Show to our club on 24th May. To date there are 50 people signed up for the night but we are expecting the night to be booked to capacity quite soon so to avoid disappointment we recommend those wanting to attend, sign up at your earliest opportunity.

16/03/2014 – Club AGM

Thursday night saw the 2014 club AGM held in the clubhouse. A number of important changes within the setup of the club took place in addition to the annual handovers with a change of president, secretary and captains. Below are a few photo’s of the evening:

photo 3 (4)
Mr Captains 1st job is to announce the new Captain Elect and can be seen welcoming Andy Bemrose

photo 2 (4)
Mr Captain starting as he means to go on by enjoying the role.

photo 1 (4)
Mr immediate past captain welcomes in his replacement Royce Subham

photo 5
The new and outgoing Club Secretary as Derek passes the mantle to Nick

photo 3 (3)
The outgoing and incoming presidents

photo 4 (3)
Mr President presents the John Crane Trophy to a much deserving winner in Richard Kaye

photo 1 (3)
The outgoing Rabbit Captain welcomes the incoming Captain Steve Barraclough

photo 2 (3)
The new Rabbit Captain welcomes his vice Phil Smith

08/03/2014 – Ladies AGM

photo 4
The new Lady Captain welcomed by the outgoing President

Monday night saw the Ladies AGM being held in the clubhouse with a good percentage of the section being in attendance, along with a chosen few invited club officials. The main purpose of the evening is to review the past year, agree the committee for the forthcoming year and probably most importantly welcome the new Lady Captain.

Below are a selection of the pictures taken on the night:

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photo 2 (2)

photo 4

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photo 2

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