Golf fitness

Pre-round warm-up routine

It is well known that in every sport, athletes train very hard to perform better in their chosen sport. This traditionally includes a variety of flexibility exercises, cardio routines and strengthening drills to prepare themselves to be in tip top shape. The game of golf is no different. Follow these golf fitness tips to help increase your mobility and stamina for your next round of golf.

Take a few minutes and get your body warmed-up and ready to swing a golf club. How can you do this? Simply by putting together a series of golf stretches to “loosen” you up. Golf flexibility exercises will loosen the muscles and joints of your body, preparing them to swing a golf club. They are simple to perform and can get your body and mind more ready to play than just a few practice swings with the driver.

Spread your arms and legs wide, bend forward at the waist and reach your arms out as far as you can in every direction – left, above your head, right and through your legs. Keep your movement slow and bend as far as you can until you can feel a stretch in your muscles. It is important not to over extend. Next, practice your golf swing turn. Hold your driver across your back holding it through your arms and near the inside of your elbows. Get into your address position with your knees slightly bent. Now rotate your torso through your swing movement from backswing to follow through. Start slowly at first and gradually progress into a fuller and faster rotation.

Once your body is “loosened up” try to get your mind in the correct space. Try to relax, take a few deep breaths, and get your body to slow down a little. This should definitely help create some better tempo in your swing from the start. If you have the time, warm-up further by hitting a few balls. Begin by hitting a half dozen balls with a short iron focusing on your body turn and releasing the club through the ball at impact. Once you are comfortable with your swing move to playing an imaginary round using several different clubs. Focus on your pre-shot routine, your posture at address and your full swing follow through. Lastly, practice the swing you want to hit on the first tee. Happy with the results? Now you are ready to start your round.

Once you arrive on the first tee box, take a little extra time. Take a few extra practice swings, relax, find your tempo, and match your first swing to the tempo of your practice swing.

Last tip: After your round is complete and most golfers head to the club house, why not take a few minutes to stretch your muscles again. It will help to reduce post-round aches and pains especially to your lower back, hamstrings, hips, and shoulders.

IMPORTANT: Before starting any new fitness routine, start slowly, make sure you are in good physical health and if you feel any discomfort at anytime, please stop and consult your physician.