Team fixtures

HHDRGA League Fixtures 2019

Rabbits League Fixtures for 2019:

Tuesday    April 23rd    Away  to  Dewsbury
Tuesday    April 30th    Home  to  Dewsbury
Tuesday    May 15th     Home   to  Ryburn
Tuesday    May 28th      Away   to Ryburn
Tuesday    July  9th        Home   to Low Laithes
Tuesday    July 23rd       Away   to Low Laithes
Tuesday          August 6th    Home    to  Saddleworth
Wednesday   August 14th   Away    to  Saddleworth
All competitions will tee off t 16:30 and all team players are requested to arrive no later than 16:15.
An entry list will be put onto the Rabbits noticeboard in due course.
Tom McGarrell
Rabbits League Captain for 2019

BPGC play a number of matches in the Halifax and Huddersfield District Union of Golf Club leagues and the 2017/2018 team captains are below. If you are interested in playing for the club, please contact the relevant representative who will be very pleased to hear from you.

Halifax & Huddersfield District Union of Golf Clubs

Scratch League 2017

                                                            Division 3


Thursday 11th                              v                  Ryburn (Home)

Thursday 25th                                  v                   Marsden (Home)


Thursday 15th                                 v                   Crow Nest Park (Away)

Thursday 29th                                 v                Queensbury (Away)


Thursday 5th                                   v                  Ryburn (Away)

Thursday 27th July                           v                  Marsden (Away)


Thursday 3rd                                     v                  Crow Nest Park (Home)

Thursday 10th                                    v                   Queensbury (Home)

                                                      Team Captain – Ben Kaye


Handicap League 2017

Division 1                                                


Thursday 18th                              v                     Willow Valley (Away)

Thursday 25th                             v                     West End (Away)


Thursday 1st                                   v                     Meltham (Home)

Thursday 8th                                   v                      Crow Nest Park (Away)

Thursday 15th                                v                     Bradley Hall (Home)

Thursday 22nd                                 v                      Willow Valley (Home)

Thursday 29th                                 v                      West End (Home)


Thursday   6th                                v                    Meltham (Away)

Thursday 13th                                  v                      Crow Nest Park (Home)

Thursday 20th                                   v                    Bradley Hall (Away)

 Team Captain – Mick Hanson


Rabbits Fixtures 2017


Thursday 27th April       Longley (Home)               4.45 pm

Tuesday 2nd May           Longley (Away)                4.45 pm

Tuesday 13th June          Hebden Bridge (Home)     4.45 pm

Wednesday 21st June     Hebden Bridge (Away)     4.45 pm

Tuesday 4th July          Elland (Home)                   4.45 pm

Thursday 13th July         Elland (Away)                   4.45 pm

Tuesday 1st August        Castlefields (Away)           4.30 pm

Tuesday 15th August      Castlefields (Home)          4.30 pm

League Organiser – Tom McGarrell


Friendly Matches

Tuesday 16th May         Crosland Heath (Away)                4.30 pm

Thursday 8th June          Saddleworth (Away)                     4.30 pm

Thursday 15th June        Bradley Hall (Away)                    4.30 pm

Thursday 20th June       Saddleworth (Home)                    4.45 pm

Thursday 27th June         Lightcliffe (Away)                      4.45 pm

Thursday 6th July            Cleckheaton (Home)                    4.45 pm

Tuesday 11th July           Crow Nest (Home)                     4.45 pm

Tuesday 18th July           Outlane (Home)                            4.45 pm

Tuesday 9th August        Elland (Home)                            4.45 pm

TBC October Bradley Hall (Home) – Committee Shield

Away Day – 26th April at Hillsborough Golf Club, Sheffield

Friendlies Organiser – Donald Harrison

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