Club Notices

18/03/2018 – Ladies and Mixed Knockout draws

Below are the draws for the Ladies Singles, Ladies Pairs and the Mixed Knockouts for 2018.

ladies singles knockout 18

ladies pairs knockout 18

Mixed pairs knockout 18

10/07/2017 – Members Golf Mark Survey

Dear Member

As you will be aware the Club holds the prestigious GolfMark award issued by England Golf.

The Committee has worked hard to achieve this award and one of the requirements to maintain it for the future is to periodically consult with it’s members, by way of a survey, to obtain feedback on a range of issues.

Your feedback can then be used to indicate to the Committee a number of areas it should be addressing to meet member’s wishes and expectations.

We would be grateful if you could complete the attached survey and return it in one of three ways:

1. Electronically to the Club at

2. By a hard copy posted through the OFFICE LETTERBOX in the Gentlemen’s Locker room.

3. By handing your completed survey to any member of the Committee.

Please take ten minutes of your time to support your Club and Committee to complete the Survey. All surveys returned by 1st September 2017 will be entered into a draw to win a £25 gift voucher to be spent in the Pro-shop.

Thank you.

Bob Balcam, Secretary

On behalf of the BPGC Committee


21/10/2015 – Ladies AGM

Please note the change of date for the Ladies AGM. This will now take place on Tuesday 8th March 2016. We hope to see all ladies on the night at 8pm.

26/08/2015- Child Protection Policy

Click on the link below to view Bradley Park’s Child Protection Policy:

Child Protection Policy

Following a club meeting there may be a need to advise members of items discussed and/or remind some members of rules that are currently in place. This need could be for a number of different reasons but it was thought appropriate to post the relevant notices below also. Please see below:

07/04/2014 – Slow play

A number of conversations have taken place over recent weeks on the subject of pace of play and have resulted in the notice below. Included within the production of the notice were the Handicap & Competition Committee, Officers of the club and members of the pro shop staff. All members are asked to read the notice and respect the endeavour of the club, as well as their fellow club members.

Slow play

29/06/2013 – Protecting the course

To assist the green staff maintain the current high standard of our course, members have been requested to, where possible, avoid using the areas between greens and bunkers and use the paths provided. We agree that this is not always possible so actions are being taken with regard to particular areas of the course, to assist in this matter.

We believe our course is becoming one of the finest in the district and with our members assistance, we feel the highest standards can be maintained.

04/06/2013 – Procedure 7

All players are reminded that when playing medal play during British Summer Time, they must play in groups of 2 or 3 players. Any group of 4 players will be disqualified.

23/05/2013 – Procedure 19

At the Club Committee meeting last night a discussion took place relating to the need to remind members of appropriate ways to contact officials of the club or members of the general committee to discuss a point regarding a competition. This issue is listed as Procedure 19 in the club handbook and reads as follows:

All complaints concerning any competition must be made verbally to any member of the Competition Committee on the day of the competition, but not while they are about to play or are playing on the course. This must be confirmed in writing no later than five days after the date of the competition.

08/05/2013 – Procedure 11

During the Handicap and Competition Committee meeting held on 7th May, Procedure 11 as stated in the club handbook was discussed.

Procedure 11 reads as follows – Competitors are solely responsible for the correct completion of their scorecard. Once checked, the marker and the player must sign it. The score must then be entered onto the club computer via the PSI keypad. The card must then be put into the Competition Box located in the men’s locker room. These procedures must be completed immediately after leaving the course and cards must not, under any circumstances be completed in the bar area of the clubhouse. Once a card has been placed in the Competition Box it must not be removed or altered. This procedure applies equally to no returns. Disqualifications from the competition or disciplinary action may result for any player who:
1/ Fails to sign into the Competition via the PSI or
2/ Submits a card not signed by marker and player or
3/ Fails to enter their score on PSI or
4/ Fails to return their card to the Competition Box or
5/ Uses a Mobile Phone whilst playing the Club Competitions

It was agreed at the meeting that the Committee will enforce all of the above rules without fail and any repeat offenders will be invited to attend a Handicap & Competition Committee meeting for further discussion behind the circumstances.