Captains 2018 Welcome

Graham Hollingdrake – Club Captain


A very warm welcome to the 2018 Golfing Year and I wish every single one of you a happy and successful year both on and off the course. I feel very proud and privileged to represent Bradley Park Golf Club as your Captain, in what can be described as a milestone year for the club as it is our 40th anniversary. It is also a personal milestone for me as it is my 25th year of membership at the club and I am very much looking forward to a productive and memorable year working with the President and Committee Members in driving the club forwards during 2018 and beyond.
I would like to thank Derek Broadbent outgoing President, Phil Smith, immediate past Captain, Carlyn Wiltshire, Lady Captain, Bob Balcam, Rabbit Captain, Rhys Heywood, Junior Captain, Roger Pearson, Seniors Organiser, Ben Kaye, Scratch Team Captain and Mick Hanson, Handicap Team Captain for all their hard work and achievements in 2017. A special thank you for the tremendous hard work that the housing subcommittee have done, and continue to do on our behalf in fighting to save Bradley Park from being developed into a sprawling housing estate. In particular Keith Waddington, Bob Balcam and Nick Howe who have represented the clubs interests with pride and passion. Congratulations and well done to all of you!!!
A very big thank you goes to Tom Wild, Head Professional, his staff and in particular the green keepers who have done a fantastic job in providing a top quality course during 2017. As I said earlier, this is my 25th year of playing at Bradley Park and thecourse ,in 2017, was in the best condition I have seen it during my time here. I am confident that in 2018 we will see further improvements due to the great team we have in place. Thanks also to Tina and the staff in the clubhouse for looking after us all, keeping us fed and watered.
I would like to congratulate our 2018 incoming President, Captains and Vice Captains, Sandra Shillito as President, Annette Bird, Lady Captain, Sheila Harrison, Lady Vice Captain, Mick Hanson, Vice Captain, Cliff Froggett, Rabbits Captain, Ben Page Rabbits Vice Captain and Gabriella Child our Junior Captain. I look forward to working with you all and wish you an enjoyable and successful year ahead. I would also confirm that Ben Kaye and Mick Hanson have kindly agreed to continue as Captains of the respective Scratch and Handicap teams this year. 2018 will present many challenges I am sure but please continue to promote and support the Golf Club. We need new members in every category, Men, Ladies and especially Juniors so get the work out to friends, colleagues and family. There is a fantastic 2 years for the price of one year membership offer on for new members. I need you all to support our competitions and social functions in 2018. Enter as many competitions as you can and attend the functions that are laidon by your Social Committee. After all they are ON YOUR BEHALF.
To our Scratch, Handicap, Ladies, Rabbits, Seniors and Junior Organisers and their future squads, may you all have a successful and enjoyable season during which you can count on my full support. To all members – get your names down on the relevant team selection sheets and be proud to represent Bradley Park Golf Club.
My charity for this year will be Kirkwood Hospice which is based in Kirklees and provides care and help to improve the lives of people with incurable conditions, As a local charity, they rely on the generosity of local people from across our community to keep their doors open. Believe it or not doors which were first opened in March 1987 following almost 6 years of fundraising to do so.
Your kindness in supporting my charity will help us to make a huge difference for the people confronting their final days. To put it simply – without charitable donations the Hospice would not be able to continue. I know I can count on your support helping me assist this very worthwhile cause throughout the year.
Golf is a great game so enjoy it and play with a smile on your face. Support your Captains, Officials, Teams and my charity in 2018. Use the clubhouse, attend the social functions, enter as many competitions as you can and last but not least have a great 2018/19. I sincerely hope and wish that we are in for a fantastic (mild and dry) spring and prolonged (sunny) summer.
All the very best – Graham Hollingdrake, Captain

Cliff Froggett – Rabbit Captain


I was thrilled when Bob Balcam asked me if I would be his Vice Rabbit Captain
last year. He has done a brilliant job, both as Rabbits Captain and Club
Secretary and I only hope I can match the standards that he and previous
Rabbits Captains have set in recent years.
I have always been a Rabbit golfer and have always enjoyed competition and
companionship with other golfers who find controlling the behaviour of a
small plastic ball that bit more diffiult. There will be plenty of opportunities
for existing and new members of the Rabbits section to play golf in 2018. We
have 8 League Matches, a record number of friendly matches against local
clubs, knock out competitions across Yorkshire as well as a busy domestic
programme of Rabbit stableford and match play competitions. I would
encourage everyone with a handicap of 26 or higher to join us for at least
one friendly during the course of the summer and to volunteer your services
for the league team if you are in good form.
We have a terrific committee who run the section – I’ve seen over the years
what a brilliant job they do organising friendlies, competitions and social
events and fully appreciate their time and effort.
My hope is that we enjoy a great golfing summer and that I can get to play
golf with all our new and existing members. My dream is that the Rabbits can
beat the Ladies and Tigers in our annual matches.
Win or lose I want to enjoy playing golf at Bradley Park in 2018 and for many
years to come. We have a wonderful, friendly club that I am proud to
represent. I am delighted that Ben Page will be our 2019 Rabbits Captain
and wish Graham Hollingdrake, Annette Bird and Gabriella Child (our 2018
Junior Captain) every success in their roles.
Wishing you all good golf, good luck and good health in 2018.

Annette Bird – Lady Captain

Firstly, may I welcome you to the new golfing year. I would like to thank Carlyn for a wonderful year of golfing events and a very enjoyable away day. Congratulations to all outgoing Captains for providing some great golfing and social opportunities for all members to enjoy.
I am looking forward to the year and am delighted to be supported by Sheila Harrison as Vice Captain. Sheila’s experience at Bradley Park over many years together with a strong Ladies Committee will help me greatly as a relative newcomer to the club and the role.
I wish my fellow Captains a happy and successful year and congratulate Sandra Shillito on becoming the first Lady President of Bradley Park Golf Club.
The season will be full of golfing opportunities both at home and through our various leagues and open days and I look forward to playing with you all. The date is set for my away day at Shipley Golf Club and I hope you will all join me on the 25th July. I would also like to arrange an overnight golf break towards the end of the season and hope many of you will join in.
Congratulations to all those prize winners last year and those who were successful in
improving their handicaps during the season and the very best wishes for continued
success in the coming year. More importantly let us hope for good health, enjoyable golf and happy times through 2018.